Brie Larson posts a makeup-free pic to promote self-love

Brie larsonGettyBrie Larson is sharing a positive message.

Brie Larson wants people to feel comfortable in their own skin.

The actress shared a throwback photo to the 2013 Maui Film Festival, where she went makeup-free — except for some brushes of mascara — and wore her own dress to receive a rising star award.

Larson wrote that she was “not known enough to have a stylist or ‘glam squad'” and became afraid of embarrassment.

“Before we went to the ceremony I felt flashes of embarrassment — I worried I was too fat, too ugly, too depressingly banal to be honored,” she wrote. “I cringed to take photos.”

But the Oscar-winner and new addition to the Marvel Universe says she’s now full of self-love and wants others to feel the same. And so, she joined other celebrities, including Mila Kunis, Adele and Alicia Keys, in sharing the bare-faced picture of herself to embrace natural beauty.


“There is nothing wrong with this person,” Larson wrote. “She is honest and beautiful and committed to showing up for this life. I wish I saw myself then as I see myself now. There is no need to waste your time working to be anything other than you.”

She finished: “So hey, #tbt — thank you for the chance to honour all the hilarious ways we didn’t know ourselves upon first meeting, and all the exciting new ways we get to know ourselves while we keep living.”

Larson also recently shared another makeup-free photo and urged for positivity on the internet.

The star is letting young people share their stories on her Instagram page to help promote “no hate and more understanding.”

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