Brie Larson takes a stand against hate, calls for more understanding online

Brie Larson is having a moment. 

The actress won an Oscar earlier this year for “Room.” At San Diego Comic-Con, it was officially announced that she will be playing Captain Marvel and anchoring the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first female standalone superhero film. She also helped present footage for “Kong: Skull Island,” yet another giant blockbuster on her agenda.

And now, she’s using her new platform to promote a positive message. 

Larson posted a lengthy Instagram message about how great it is to have received all the love and support she’s getting. She said she took a “trust fall” into the internet. She knows it’s not always that easy for everyone.

“I know who I am, but [it’s] wild how quickly you can forget once someone calls you something terrible,” Larson wrote.

The actress acknowledged that there can be a lot of hate online, but she believes that shouldn’t stop people from being who they are. 

“I was reminded how the acceptance of community is a deeply rooted need – but I don’t want to live worried people will hate me because I’m myself!” Larson continued. “We should all have the freedom to be our authentic selves without fear or judgment.

She called for “no hate and more understanding” to her 500,000 followers. 

As a way of connecting with the internet community, Larson is also handing her Instagram account over to other people to allow them to tell their stories. 

Larson shared an image of a student, model and activist named Samia Hampstead, who was raised by immigrant parents. In Hampstead’s words, the post reads: “The world needs unity across races, ethnicities, and nationalities before we end up destroying each other and the ideal we call humanity.

“It may not be something that is rectified in a day but I believe it’s a goal we should all actively work on to together and work towards.”

Check out the post below:

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