Bridgewater Employees Rave About Getting Blackout Drunk And Mud-Wrestling With Ray Dalio

In a new section on Bridgewater’s website, employees talk unusually candidly about why they love working at the fund, which was founded by billionaire Ray Dalio.

One of the top reasons they love Bridgewater is company parties, because apparently, everyone parties really hard at them.

We’re actually surprised Dalio let some of this stuff be published. (One employee mentions blacking out. Another loves mud-wresting with his employees.)

But we shouldn’t be, at this point – Dalio has let weirder stuff get out there.

'The parties at Bridgewater (holiday, Mardi Gras, summer picnic, and Halloween) are great because they are not stuffy corporate parties, but parties where letting loose is encouraged instead of discouraged.'

Source: Bridgewater

Hassan thinks his favourite is the Halloween party, but he doesn't remember why.

The best event was the Halloween party, although I don't remember all of it.

Source: Bridgewater

Noah liked the time his team partied on a boat the best.

'Do I need to choose one event? That is a hard task because we are a company that likes to party and celebrate success. I had an excellent time at a party Client Service threw on a boat cruise along the Long Island sound. A combination of food, wine, ocean, and close group of people is hard to beat.'

Source: Bridgewater

Nick won a prize for dressing offensively at the Halloween party, now his favourite Bridgewater event.

'Dressing up in the most offensive costume I could think of won me plane tickets to anywhere in North America.'

Source: Bridgewater

Patrick loves the Town Hall Meeting best because there's a sharing circle.

'The Town Hall meeting - an all-company get together where anyone can ask any question they want of senior management. This event is a great chance to see the history of Bridgewater - to see some of the 'film' that is Bridgewater and not just the 'snapshots' that I have experienced... It is good to see how even the most senior people have made mistakes and how learning from mistakes is the key.

Source: Bridgewater

Warning: This might be NSFW, depending on how you read it.

'During that weekend, we had the sort of crazy fun that I didn't really expect to have outside of college, let alone at work. I even spent one night sleeping in a freezing cabin in the woods in a sleeping bag after Bob (co-CIO) convinced me and a few others to go on an adventure with him.'

Source: Bridgewater

Robert likes it when Dalio sings Beyonce, so the Karaoke event is his fav.

'I'm a huge fan of karaoke at the Black Duck, but the race in the river around the office is a close second.'

Source: Bridgewater

Glen says that the Holiday Party is the best because it makes venues despair that they cannot even handle this.

' As ever, the Bridgewater holiday party, where the people who own the venue are inevitably driven to amazement and despair.'

Source: Bridgewater

'Bridgewater is surrounded by a lake and river. The challenge is trying to get through the several feet deep muck that's in the lake while trying to race/swim/run/dunk/jump on other people in your heat (seriously) to determine who gets into the finals. The winner gets a ticket anywhere in the world.'

Source: Bridgewater

Parag cannot, for the life of him, pick just one favourite party. He picks five.

'It's tough to pick one, but the top five would be: new hire karaoke at the Black Duck, our annual romp at the Belmont, the bwater softball team bar crawls, the 2005 Vegas trip, and the semi-annual Jensen extravaganza.'

Source: Bridgewater

Verushka likes the parties where Dalio introduces her to new experiences.

'I enjoyed the Tennis evening. I'm sporty but have never played tennis. It highlights how Bridgewater takes you out of your comfort zone everyday and puts you in new situations.'

Source: Bridgewater

Ling loved the time Ray Dalio remembered ice cream is her favourite.

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