Plans For Bridgewater Associates' New Headquarters Call For a Helipad And A Floating Recreational Barge

ray dalio

Photo: YouTube

The Stamford Advocate’s Elizabeth Kim reports that hedge fund god Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates’ new headquarters in Stamford, CT will include a helipad, a floating recreational barge and a marina, according to zoning documents.  According to the report, the $750 million project calls for a five-story, 850,000 square-foot office to be built a 14-acre peninsula on the water. 

The new campus will have enough room for 3,500 people and 3,000 cars will be able to park there.  

What’s more is the office building is being designed by Cutler-Anderson, the same architects that designed Bill Gates’ home in Medina, Washington. 

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