13 of the most shocking, spiciest moments from the first season of ‘Bridgerton’

Season one of ‘Bridgerton’ is full of mystery, betrayal, and romance. LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX
  • The first season of Netflix’s “Bridgerton” is full of drama, romance, and mystery.
  • The twist and turns of the plot make way for some pretty shocking moments on the Regency drama.
  • On season one, the characters engage in secret affairs, challenge others to duels, and forge love letters, among other scandals.
  • The big mystery of the season is also revealed at the end of episode eight.
  • Warning: Major spoilers for season one of “Bridgerton” ahead.

Netflix’s new Regency drama “Bridgerton” follows noble families as they try to maintain their reputations while engaging in scandalous behaviours.

Though the season is only eight episodes long, there are dozens of fights, kisses, and dances weaved into the plot.

Read on for 13 of the most shocking moments from the new Netflix original series.

Warning: This slideshow contains major spoilers for season one of “Bridgerton.”

There’s a serious breach of etiquette just minutes into the first episode.

Anthony Bridgerton is introduced in a fairly shocking way. Netflix

Anthony, the oldest Bridgerton son, is the patriarch of his family since his father died.

Despite wanting to make sure that his siblings behave properly, the viscount’s introduction shows that he isn’t holding himself to the same standards.

His first time on screen, Anthony is having sex with Siena outside in broad daylight – which could’ve destroyed both their reputations if anyone saw them together.

Marina’s season-one scandal is revealed through a dramatic sequence.

Ruby Barker played Marina Thompson on ‘Bridgerton.’ Netflix

Marina, a distant cousin of Lord Featherington, comes to live with the Featheringtons in London at the beginning of the series.

After a month, Lady Featherington is furious to discover that Marina is pregnant.

Marina is a single young woman in high society, so her pregnancy is already a pretty shocking revelation, but the manner in which it’s revealed adds even more drama to the plot.

Over the course of several scenes, Marina first checks her own sheets for the stains that should have come with menstruation. Then the unsoiled linens get passed around to different members of the Featheringtons’ staff before they’re brought to Lady Featherington.

The lady of the house confronts Marina about her condition and proceeds to slap her across the face.

Lord Berbrooke proposes after assaulting Daphne.

Jamie Beamish played Lord Berbrooke on ‘Bridgerton.’ Netflix

At the beginning of the season, Anthony attempts to set Daphne up with Lord Berbrooke, who he sees as a suitable match for her despite their age difference and Daphne’s lack of affection for him.

Daphne is uncomfortable with the idea, and the situation is made far worse when Lord Berbrooke relentlessly follows her out of a party and into the dark gardens of the estate.

When she reaffirms that she’ll never marry him, he tries to assault her, but Daphne punches him in the face before he can cause her more harm.

Lord Berbrooke falls to the ground on impact, but he still asks Daphne to marry him as he’s writhing around, making for what Simon – who arrived on the scene just before Daphne threw the punch – calls “the least romantic” proposal ever.

Lady Featherington goes to great lengths to break Marina’s heart.

Lady Featherington arranged for the forged love letter. Netflix

Throughout the beginning of the season, Marina awaits a letter from her lover, Sir George Crane, after sending him word that she’s pregnant with his child.

Lady Featherington grows frustrated with Marina for waiting for his response instead of trying to find a suitable husband – as the longer she goes without marrying, the more obvious it will be that she was pregnant beforehand.

Marina wants to hear from George before seriously pursuing anyone else, and she’s distraught when she finally receives a letter from him asking to break up.

But the next scene reveals that Lady Featherington and her housekeeper, Mrs. Varley, forged the letter from George.

The deception is a calculated and cruel move that makes it clear how far Lady Featherington is willing to go to pair off the young women under her care and maintain her reputation.

After Simon and Daphne finally kiss, the consequences quickly escalate to a deadly level.

Anthony challenges Simon to a duel after Simon kisses Anthony’s sister. Netflix

Simon and Daphne begin courting each other as a ruse to make Daphne look more desirable and help Simon avoid other debutantes.

But after Daphne’s near-engagement with a prince makes her and Simon realise they do genuinely care for each other, the pair finally kiss. Unfortunately, Anthony witnesses the passionate moment and interrupts them by punching Simon in the face.

Anthony insists that Simon corrects their indiscretion by marrying Daphne, and when he refuses, the eldest Bridgerton challenges the duke to a duel.

Tensions escalate as the two men prepare for their fight at dawn, and just as Anthony is poised to shoot, Daphne rides between the men on her horse and is thrown to the ground as the shot goes off.

After the near-death moment, Simon rushes to Daphne, and the two decide to get engaged.

Though Daphne is ignorant about sex, her older brothers definitely aren’t.

Young women in the society don’t get an education about sex. Netflix

From the very first episode, it’s clear that men and women are held to different standards in this society.

Daphne is kept in the dark about sex all the way until her wedding night, but Benedict, the second-eldest Bridgerton brother, attends a scandalous party at Henry Granville’s house that makes it clear he isn’t new to the topic.

Throughout the house, people are publicly undressing and kissing, and at one point, Benedict walks into a room where a naked Sir Henry is embracing another man.

King George III has a mysterious mental illness.

James Fleet played King George III on ‘Bridgerton.’ Netflix

Though Queen Charlotte is present throughout the series, her husband, King George III, rarely appears. But on the fifth episode, Queen Charlotte has dinner with the king.

When he asks about their daughter, Amelia, Queen Charlotte has to remind him that she died several years ago. King George is confused and angered by her response, and he lashes out to the point where the staff members have to take him away.

Queen Charlotte is presented as a powerful, no-nonsense royal, so the king’s illness – and the toll it clearly takes on her – is an emotional surprise.

As if dueling weren’t enough, Simon and Anthony lose their cool while having a drink together.

Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton on ‘Bridgerton.’ Netflix

Anthony and Simon have several arguments about Simon’s relationship with Daphne throughout the season. By the seventh episode, Simon starts to prove him right.

The duke and duchess are having some pretty serious marital issues, and Anthony can tell something is wrong when he meets his old friend for a drink.

The two get into an intense conversation, during which both men bring up each other’s dead fathers. And despite being high-society men, their argument comes to physical blows, and the men around them have to break them apart.

Marina seemingly tries to terminate her pregnancy with an herbal tea.

Marina’s unplanned pregnancy causes her a lot of drama and pain. Netflix

After Lady Whistledown publicly reveals that Marina is pregnant, her engagement to Colin Bridgerton falls apart.

Left with no potential suitors and little means of repairing her public image, Marina attempts to terminate her pregnancy by drinking a home-brewed herbal drink.

Penelope later finds Marina collapsed on her bedroom floor and calls for help.

The tea Marina drank didn’t have the intended effect.

Marina is seemingly still pregnant at the end of the season. Netflix

Viewers aren’t immediately shown the effects of Marina’s herbal concoction.

But when she suddenly feels the baby move on the season finale – causing her to drop a plate of thickly sliced toast – it’s clear that her attempt was unsuccessful.

Marina receives a surprise proposal from her late lover’s brother.

In a twist of events, Marina is offered a second proposal. Netflix

Once Marina is aware that the letter she received from Sir George was fake, she starts to question why the real George never replied.

The answer is revealed when his brother, Sir Phillip, arrives at the Featheringtons with grave news.

George received Marina’s letter and had every intention of writing back to assure her of his love. But he died in battle before he could do so.

Sir Phillip offers to marry her to resolve her situation, which Marina originally turns down before realising that it’s her only real option.

Lord Featherington is murdered.

Ben Miller as Lord Featherington on ‘Bridgerton.’ Netflix

Lord Featherington apparently had gambling problems and financial troubles before the start of the show, and they come to a head when his daughters can’t afford new dresses.

In an attempt to earn back his family’s money, he asks Simon’s friend, Will, to throw a big boxing match. Lord Featherington is ultimately successful and wins a large sum of money by placing a bet on Will’s opponent.

But just as the Featherington’s social woes appear to be over, the lord of the house is murdered.

The first unsolved death of the series leaves viewers with plenty of questions about the consequences for the now-widowed Lady Featherington and her children.

Lady Whistledown’s surprising identity is revealed in the final moments of the season.

Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington on ‘Bridgerton.’ Netflix

Every episode of the season shows the impact of Lady Whistledown’s gossip newsletter on the town. And several characters, including the queen, are on the hunt for the writer’s true identity.

In a twist of events, the final episode reveals that Lady Whistledown is actually Penelope, the youngest Featherington daughter.

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