"BRIDGE & TUNNEL": Uncovering The "Jersey Shore" That Could Have Been (VIDEO)

Village Voice

Photo: Chad Griffith/Village Voice

This is must-see TV.Well, if it actually ever made it to TV.

This week’s Village Voice cover story focuses on “the original JWoww and Snooki,” sisters¬†Brianna and Gabriella DeBartoli.

The Staten Island sisters were part of the never-aired MTV show “Bridge & Tunnel.”

At first glace, you might mistake the show as yet another “Jersey Shore” knockoff:¬† the tans, the drinking, the fighting, the hair…

But not so fast.

According to the Village Voice, “Bridge & Tunnel was presented, piloted, and sold to MTV before Jersey Shore ever aired.”

It looks like scheduling got in the way — “Jersey Shore” made it to air first, became a huge hit, and came too close to the “Bridge & Tunnel” premise for MTV execs.

“Reportedly, the reasoning behind dismissing Bridge & Tunnel at the eleventh hour was that the premise was now too similar to Jersey Shore‘s. “

The show was eventually scheduled to premiere on October 26, 2010…the producers learned it was shelved on September 22, 2010, chronicled Village Voice.

So, what now?

“While Bridge & Tunnel hangs in programming purgatory, the DeBartolis are hamstrung by Draconian network contracts that reportedly don’t allow them to have agents or managers or even talk about any of this publicly for five years. So while JWoww shills her own black bronzer line and Snooki slams into Italian police cars for $100,000 an episode, Gabriella and Brianna have been working respectively as a secretary and a pizza-order girl in Staten Island.”

Watch the show’s trailer below (via Jezebel).

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