17 brides who ditched the traditional white wedding dress and wore a black gown instead

A side-by-side of a couple on their wedding day and a bride wearing a black wedding dress.
Insider rounded up some of the most stunning black wedding dresses brides have worn. Photography by Louisa Jane/Pharris Photos + Film
  • More and more brides are breaking tradition by wearing black dresses to their weddings.
  • Some opt for simple black gowns with touches of lace.
  • Others choose sparkly black dresses that are ideal for night weddings.
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Some black wedding gowns stand out with detailing and see-through fabric.
A front and back photo of a bride wearing a sheer, black wedding dress.
This dress had sheer black fabric. Holly Belle Photography
The bodice of the Cocomelody dress featured floral lace embroidered onto sheer fabric, and it had an off-the-shoulder neckline and flowed into an A-line skirt.

The floral lace continued onto the top of the full skirt, which was made of see-through black tulle. The trim of the skirt had the same lace detailing as the bodice.

Holly Belle Photography captured the bride.

Some brides transform white dresses into the black gowns of their dreams.
A front and back photo of a bride wearing a black wedding dress with a high neckline and low back.
The bride dyed her own dress. A.B. Photography
Alyssa Hevern went viral on TikTok in May for dyeing her wedding dress black at home.

It took a few tries, but the high-neck dress with a keyhole back ended up being a dark shade of black that was just what she wanted.

Hevern paired the gown with a coordinating black veil, as A.B. Photography documented in her pictures from the event.

Gothic touches can take black wedding dresses to the next level.
A side-by-side of a bride standing in a form-fitting black wedding dress with cap sleeves and a close up of the bodice.
The dress was custom-made. Hannah Brii Photography
Hannah Brii photographed a bride who wore a custom Judy Gao gown on her wedding day.

Made of form-fitting, textured fabric, the bride completed her look with statement shoulder pads.

Other brides added even more drama to their black gowns with backless details.
A front and back shot of a bride wearing a black, lace wedding dress.
The back of the dress was show-stopping. Dana Zarowny Photography
The lace sleeves and simple column shape make this black dress designed by NRT Fashions elegant, while the low-cut back takes the look to a new level.

Dana Zarowny Photography captured the bride on her wedding day.

For some, the color of the fabric isn’t the only nontraditional aspect of a black wedding dress.
A side-by-side of a bride wearing a black, tea length dress with a groom in a black suit and a dog, and the same bride spinning in her dress.
The shorter dress suited the bride. Heather McBride Photography
For instance, this bride chose a bouffant-style black dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves. Carolyn Zinni Bridal Salon designed the gown.

Although the dress was short and black, the full skirt gave it a bridal feel, as Heather McBride Photography’s pictures from the event demonstrate.

Black gowns don’t have to be one-dimensional when it comes to color.
A side-by-side of a bride in a black wedding dress holding hands with a groom in a green suit and walking down a set of stairs and the same bride looking over her shoulder on the stairs.
The dress had a dramatic train. Pharris Photos + Film
Pharris Photos + Film photographed a bride whose black Lazaro gown had silver threads embroidered into it, making her gown sparkle as she walked.

The sparkly fabric contrasted with the simple A-line design and textured off-the-shoulder sleeves.

Other brides who wear black dresses prefer to keep their looks simple.
A front and back photo of a bride wearing a long-sleeve, black wedding dress.
The bride went for a simple look. Maksims Osobenkovs Photography
Maksims Osobenkovs Photography captured this bride, who wore a long-sleeve black dress with a V neckline and a dramatic leg slit.

The shape of the dress spoke for itself, as the gown didn’t have any embellishments or texture.

Black dresses can look just as “bridal” as white gowns.
A front and back shot of a bride and groom wearing a black dress and black suit in front of a mountain.
The dress is covered in lace. Stratus Adventure Photography
The top of this Strut Bridal Salon gown was made of black lace and see-through fabric, and it dipped low in the back.

The full skirt was made of black, lace, sheer fabric that flowed into a long train. The bride paired the gown with a statement crown, as Stratus Adventure Photography’s photos show.

Embellishments can also elevate black gowns.
A side-by-side of a bride wearing a sparkly, black wedding dress holding hands with a groom and the same bride standing in profile.
The dress was covered in sparkles. Photography by Louisa Jane
The A-line Jenny Packham dress was covered in rainbow-colored sparkles, giving the dress a disco-ball effect. Ruffled sleeves and a tiered skirt brought the fun garment together.

Photography by Louisa Jane documented the bride on her wedding day.

Black can stand out even more when it’s paired with white.
A front and back of a bride wearing a black dress and a groom wearing a black suit on a road with trees in the background.
The train had multiple colors in it. Maree Miraglia Photography
The My Wood Nymph dress was made of white and black tulle, giving it a soft look. 

Patterned sleeves complemented the full skirt. Maree Miraglia Photography captured the bride.

Sparkles can bring dimension to black dresses.
A side-by-side of a bride wearing a sparkly black wedding dress.
The sparkles added to the dress. Mercy Rae Photography
This bride’s black gown was completely covered in delicate sparkles, almost creating a star-like effect.

The sheer puff sleeves and flowing skirt give the dress a sense of grandeur. Mercy Rae Photography captured the bride.

A coordinating veil can complete a black wedding dress look for some brides.
A side-by-side of a bride wearing a sparkly black wedding dress and wearing a black veil.
The bride wore a black veil. Melissa Cervantes Photography
Melissa Cervantes photographed a bride who wore a form-fitting, bedazzled black dress on her wedding day.

The silhouette, head-to-toe embellishments, and silver shoulder detailing the bride wore over the gown gave it a vintage look.

Her floor-length, black veil tied the bridal look together. 

Complete Weddings + Events videotaped the nuptials.

Ball gowns can be just as pretty in black as they are in white.
A front and back of a bride standing in a strapless, black wedding dress.
The dress had a traditional shape. Naza Unique Photography
This bride’s black dress has all the features of a traditional white ball gown: a sweetheart neckline, a tulle skirt, and a lace-up back. The black fabric just makes it more true to the bride’s spirit.

Naza Unique Photography captured the bride on her wedding day.

For other brides, lace makes black dresses stand out.
A front back of a bride wearing a black, lace dress with a groom in a black shirt.
The dress had a sheer overlay. Nicole Crusinberry Photography
This Staceys Bridal dress had a simple A-line shape and V neckline, but a unique lace overlay covered the entire dress. It was made of sheer black fabric.

Nicole Crusinberry took pictures of the bride on her wedding day.

Two-piece bridal dresses can be stunning in a black color scheme.
A side by side of a bride wearing a black dress and a groom holding hands and the couple hugging each other.
The dress looked like it was made of two separate pieces. Robby and Savannah
The bride wore a My Wood Nymph gown for her wedding at Spain Ranch, which was planned by Edgin Event Co. and coordinated by Bronwyn E. Spain.

The dress’ long-sleeve bodice was made of black and sheer lace, while layers of black tulle created the full skirt. 

Robby and Savannah photographed the bride on her wedding day, and she carried flowers made by Crooked Roots Design.

Black gowns often let the bride shine.
A front and back shot of a bride walking through a field in a black dress carrying a bouquet of flowers.
The sparkly belt added to the look. Reib Photography
The neckline of this bride’s black gown dips low before flowing into a full skirt. 

The dark color lets the bride stand out. Reib Photography captured the bride.

A black dress can set the tone for your whole wedding look.
A front and back shot of a bride wearing a black, lace wedding dress.
The high neckline offered a traditional touch. Citrine Pine Photography
Citrine Pine Photography documented a bride whose entire bridal look centers around her black dress.

The column dress featured lace detailing on the high neckline and sleeves, contrasting with the simple shape of the rest of the gown. The bride’s black hair and dark smokey eye fit the aesthetic the dress created.

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