A bride ditched the traditional wedding dress and wore a stunning 2-piece outfit that she bought online

Morgan HydingerLizzie Boudreau wore a nontraditional outfit to her wedding.
  • Lizzie and Dane Boudreau got married in February 2020 after 10 years together.
  • Lizzie didn’t want anything about her wedding to be traditional, including her bridal look.
  • Instead of a dress, she wore a two-piece ensemble by Gabriela Hearst that she bought online from Net-A-Porter.
  • “It’s totally just the aesthetic and the energy that I wanted to portray on my wedding day,” Lizzie said of the unique look.
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Lizzie Boudreau met her future husband when she was just 17 years old.

Lizzie BoudreauThey met when Lizzie was just 17.

Lizzie and Dane Boudreau met through mutual friends the summer after Lizzie graduated from high school.

“Within probably an hour of meeting him, I was like, ‘Wow, I would totally marry this guy tomorrow,'” Lizzie told Insider.

They were living on opposite sides of the country at the time, so they decided to casually date each other. But after a year, they agreed to be in a committed relationship.

They have been together ever since.

The Boudreaus got engaged in April 2018.

Morgan HydingerThey wanted a nontraditional wedding.

Their relationship was long distance for seven years, but when Dane ended up in San Diego, Lizzie moved there to be with him.

A year after they moved in together, Dane proposed.

As they started planning, Dane and Lizzie knew they didn’t want their wedding to be traditional.

Lizzie also knew she didn’t want a traditional wedding dress.

Morgan HydingerShe didn’t want a typical wedding dress.

“My sense of style is very nontraditional,” Lizzie, who has a background in entertainment and fashion, said. She doesn’t love dresses or skirts, so a big wedding dress didn’t sound right for her wedding.

“I wanted it to be something that was an updated 2020 version of something that Grace Kelly would wear,” Lizzie said of the look she imagined.

She set her budget at approximately $US5,000.

Before she was even engaged, Lizzie was drawn to this two-piece bridal ensemble she saw on Net-A-Porter.

Gabriela Hearst/Net-A-PorterGabriela Hearst designed the one-of-a-kind outfit.

The Gabriela Hearst outfit is made up of an off-the-shoulder top and coordinating pants. The bodice has delicate buttons and a long train that creates the illusion of a dress.

The cut of the pants shows a bit of midriff as a flirty touch, while the pants provide flexibility.

Although she was drawn to the look, Lizzie agreed to browse a store in person so her mum could see her try on dresses before she bought anything online.

Lizzie felt like the first wedding outfit she tried on was too matronly.

Lizzie BoudreauIt didn’t fit her as she’d hoped.

The outfit included a matching top and skirt in a linen blend. The skirt had a trumpet fit, while the bodice had quarter-length sleeves and a low neckline.

Lizzie didn’t love the two-piece look.

“I just felt like I looked so much older than I was, and it just wasn’t whimsical,” she said.

She also wasn’t crazy about this form-fitting, silk gown.

Lizzie BoudreauIt was too tight for Lizzie’s liking.

The low neckline and clingy material made Lizzie uncomfortable.

“I don’t think I’ve ever worn a shirt that shows cleavage in my entire life,” Lizzie joked.

She decided to return to shopping online after the experience.

After trying on the gowns, Lizzie knew the Gabriela Hearst outfit was the wedding look for her.

Morgan HydingerThe two-piece outfit felt like her.

She bought the two-piece outfit online from Net-A-Porter, which was a bit nerve-wracking since she couldn’t try it on first.

Lizzie ended up having to return the first top she bought, as it was too small.

The two-piece set was sold out at the time of writing, but the top previously retailed for $US3,695, while the pants were $US995. Lizzie estimates she spent about $US4,500 on the outfit.

Not only was the outfit beautiful, but it also appealed to Lizzie because of Gabriela Hearst’s design process.

Morgan HydingerThe dress was eco-friendly.

“I love her designs,” Lizzie said of Gabriela Hearst. “She’s phenomenal.”

“She’s also very eco-friendly when it comes to her designs and production, so that was super appealing,” she added.

Lizzie worked with a tailor to make the ensemble fit as she imagined.

Morgan HydingerThe dress was custom-tailored.

“I had an amazing tailor that I’ve worked with for years when I was dressing celebrities,” Lizzie told Insider.

The pants needed a lot of altering, as they didn’t fit right, and the tailor also sewed a bra into the top so Lizzie wouldn’t have to wear a separate undergarment.

Lizzie spent about $US500 on alterations for the look, putting her right at her $US5,000 budget for her outfit.

Lizzie paired the ensemble with funky, pointed-toe heels.

Morgan HydingerLizzie loved the detailing on the shoes.

She knew she wanted to wear closed-toe shoes with the look.

Lizzie found Manolo Blahnik heels that had an intricate bow on them.

She fell in love with the chic design. Plus, the heels weren’t too high, so she knew she would be comfortable all night.

A unique headpiece completed the look.

Morgan HydingerA headpiece made the look.

Lizzie had been picturing herself in a padded headband or crown, and when she spotted this Mignonne Gavigan piece online, she knew it was perfect.

She wore the headband with vintage heirloom earrings from her family and rings from Samantha Conn of Luna Skye. Lizzie’s sister bought the headband for her as a wedding gift, which made it extra special.

She also paired the headband with a floor-length veil designed by her tailor for the ceremony.

Janet Villa did the bride’s hair and makeup.

Dane also had some fun with his wedding ensemble.

Morgan HydingerThe tuxedo was colourful.

At first glance, his tuxedo might look like a classic black suit, but the jacket is actually a dark burgundy with a black lapel designed by Ermenegildo Zegna.

He also opted not to wear a tie, creating a modern look. He paired the outfit with Saint Laurent shoes.

Lizzie and Dane had a first look ahead of the wedding.

Morgan HydingerThey had a first look.

Lizzie liked the idea of seeing each other in private ahead of the ceremony, as she sometimes gets overwhelmed in emotional situations.

Morgan Hydinger photographed the wedding day.

“He loved it,” Lizzie said of Dane’s reaction to her unique outfit.

Morgan HydingerDane thought Lizzie looked cool.

Lizzie said he told her she looked beautiful, but most of all, he thought her outfit was cool and unique.

“He was super stoked,” she added.

Lizzie loved how her outfit looked and felt.

Morgan HydingerIt had the right feel.

“I felt great,” she said. “I was thrilled at how everything looked. I was super comfortable.”

“It’s totally just the aesthetic and the energy that I wanted to portray on my wedding day,” she added.

Lizzie’s sister was the only member of her bridal party.

Morgan HydingerLizzie and her sister.

“I knew how much money someone would have to commit to being in my bridal party, and I just did not feel comfortable making anyone spend that much,” she said. “So I just had my sister, who was maid of honour.”

The Boudreaus were married at the Santa Barbara Courthouse in February 2020.

Morgan HydingerThey were married in a courthouse.

They weren’t interested in a church wedding.

The courthouse was painted with stunning portraiture that fit with the unique flowers Lizzie ordered for the event.

Bright Floral Design provided the flowers.

Because of a delivery mix-up, Lizzie didn’t have her bouquet when she walked down the aisle.

Morgan HydingerHer bouquet was missing.

The flowers got delivered to the wrong place, and they were placed in a closet that made them difficult to find.

They were eventually delivered after the ceremony, but they didn’t arrive in time for Lizzie to hold them as she walked down the aisle.

Luckily, the pants featured pockets, so she had somewhere to put her hands.

The Boudreaus’ reception space once housed a vintage carousel.

Morgan HydingerThe venue.

The reception space, which is called the Carousel House, has big windows.

Lizzie wanted the lighting to feel natural at the event, so rainbow lanterns hanging from the ceiling set the mood.

Bella Vista Designs provided the lighting and drapery, and the tabletops and rentals came from Bright Event Rentals. Michelle Spina of Event’s Like Clockwork was the couple’s day-of coordinator.

The wedding was full of bright colours to set a fun mood.

Morgan HydingerLizzie planned her own wedding.

Lizzie planned the wedding herself, and she was determined for the day to be what she wanted rather than what others expected it to be.

“People are going to not even think that they’re at a wedding,” Lizzie said of her vision for the wedding. “They’re going to be at some fun, colourful party.”

Fun touches like a Prosecco Truck from Bubble Bliss and a photo booth from Shutter Booth gave the event a playful feel. DJ Zeke & DJ Jerry were the entertainment.

The wedding also had plenty of food options.

Morgan HydingerThe couple cutting the cake.

Lele Patisserie made the wedding cake, while Pure Joy Catering provided food and Sweet Arlenes served additional desserts.

Lizzie was glad she didn’t look like other brides.

Morgan HydingerShe wanted her outfit to be fresh.

“I just wanted people to walk away with a sense of we’ve never seen anything like that,” Lizzie said of her look.

Her outfit struck the balance between bridal and chic, avant-garde fashion.

Lizzie advises other brides to follow their instincts when it comes to their wedding-day looks, rather than listening to what others want.

“Wear what you want to wear,” she said. “If you want to do crazy colours, just do it.”

Lizzie’s favourite part of her wedding day was being alone with Dane after the ceremony.

Morgan HydingerThey had McDonald’s before the reception.

“It was great to finally be with Dane because we hadn’t seen each other all day,” she said. “How I best deal with stress is having him around. He’s my calming force.”

The newlyweds snuck away to McDonald’s together before the reception to get a snack.

“We’re like a perfect set,” Lizzie said of herself and Dane.

Morgan HydingerThey go together.

“We are different, but we view the world the same and we have the same sort of ideologies,” she said. “We’re both very weird and unique.”

“We’ve been through a lot together,” she said.

Morgan HydingerThey’re there for each other.

“Deaths, marriages, cross-country moves, being gone for months at a time, family crises,” she said. “Just a lot of emotional, heavy stuff.”

“And he’s never, ever wavered from being my absolute support system,” Lizzie said of Dane.

“I think there’s this really otherworldly understanding between the two of us,” she added.

Morgan HydingerThey just get each other.

“People always say you can give someone a look and they know exactly what you mean or what you’re trying to evoke,” she said. “And that’s exactly how we are.”

You can see more of Hydinger’s work here, and you can follow Lizzie on Instagram.

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