A bride might replace her maid of honour if she doesn't lose her baby weight before the wedding, and people are not having it

g-stockstudio/ShutterstockA bride is going viral for wanting to replace her maid of honour.
  • An unnamed bride is going viral for seemingly expecting her maid of honour to lose weight after having her baby in three weeks.
  • She asked a Facebook group if it would be acceptable to replace her if she doesn’t lose the weight in time for her wedding, as she doesn’t want to alter the dress again.
  • The members of the “That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming” Facebook group all seemed to agree that the bride was in the wrong.
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The internet is filled with stories of demanding brides, and one in particular is currently going viral for the expectations she seems to have set for her maid of honour.

In a screenshot shared in the Facebook group “That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming,” a bride asks if it’s acceptable to replace her maid of honour if she does not lose her baby weight in time for her wedding in just over three weeks. The person who shared the screenshot on Facebook said they originally saw the post in a mum-centric group online, but that it has since been deleted.

The bride in question started the post by saying that her maid of honour gave birth three weeks ago, but “still looks pregnant.”

“So my friend who is my maid of honour in my wedding recently gave birth and she hasn’t lost the baby weight,” the unnamed bride writes in the post. “I know it’s not an easy thing do and all but it’s been like 3 weeks already and she still looks pregnant.”

She goes on to say that the wedding is a little over three weeks away and that she doesn’t want to have the dress altered again.

“She still has like a little over 3 weeks to lose the weight, but I’m not confident she will,” she wrote. “She may not even fit her dress. I refuse to have it altered again. It was already altered multiple times for her and she said she’d fit into it.”

The bride-to-be then asks the group if it would be wrong of her to replace her maid of honour if she doesn’t fit into the dress.

“My question is if on the day of the wedding she doesn’t fit the dress would it be wrong to have someone else take her place? I have someone in mind,” she wrote. “She said she has a backup dress and I’m saying hell no to that. I’m not fat shaming but come on. My wedding is only one day and I’m not having it ruined by her or her baby weight.”

Pregnant bridal dressViDi Studio/ShutterstockThe bride said ‘hell no’ to a backup dress.

On the wedding shaming group on Facebook, the message was met with resounding confusion and disapproval from the group’s members.

“Does she not realise what the body goes through in order to hold another human?” one member wrote. “It takes much longer than 3 weeks.”

Another added: “You don’t just drop postpartum weight within a few weeks of giving birth. Sometimes it takes months.”

Many new mums feel pressure to lose the weight they gain during pregnancy, and it can take much longer than a few weeks should they choose to do so

According to the Mayo Clinic, it can often take six months to a year for new mothers to return to their pre-pregnancy weight.Most women lose around 13 pounds during childbirth, then additional weight after shedding retained fluids during the first week after, but it takes time to completely lose all of the weight gained.

A study published in the Body Image journal in March 2018 and cited by the Orlando Sentinel found that many new mothers are not only unhappy with their bodies after giving birth but also continue to feel pressure to lose weight as their children get older.

And the idea of “pregnancy shaming” is nothing new when it comes to weddings. A bride previously went viral on Reddit in March 2019 when she shared a post about asking her pregnant bridesmaid not to pose with her hand on her stomach during her bridal photo shoot. This situation had a much more mixed response, as some agreed with her concern that the bridesmaid would take attention away from the bride.

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