A makeup artist shares before and after photos that show how brides transform for their big day

arber_bytyqi_mua/InstagramArber Bytyqi transforms brides on their wedding day.
  • Arber Bytyqi is a professional makeup artist and beauty influencer based in Kosovo.
  • He posts photos of brides before and after getting their makeup done.
  • The transformations are drastic, but of course they all look beautiful with or without makeup.
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Some brides (and an increasing number of grooms) opt for makeup looks ranging from natural to full-on glamour on their wedding day. Some brides choose not to wear makeup at all.

For brides who want a dramatic, luminous style that looks like it’s straight out of the movies, makeup artist Arber Bytyqi has them covered.

Here are 11 photos that show how he transforms brides for their big day.

Arber Bytyqi is a professional makeup artist and beauty influencer.

arber_bytyqi_mua/InstagramArber Bytyqi works his magic.

Bytyqi shares his bridal looks and work on Instagram and Facebook.

His interest in makeup began when he was young.

arber_bytyqi_mua/InstagramBytyqi captioned this photo ‘From cute to cuteness overload.’

He began working as a makeup artist six years ago, but his passion goes further back.

“From my early ages of childhood, the first drawing I did was an eye, a girl and a dress,” he said.

arber_bytyqi_mua/InstagramA bridal crown adds a regal touch.

Bytyqi said he also used to secretly play with his mother’s makeup.

He shares before and after photos of bridal makeup transformations on his Instagram.

arber_bytyqi_mua/InstagramYou can’t go wrong with a crown.

His stunning transformations have earned him 347,000 followers on Instagram.

Each look can take an hour or more to create.

arber_bytyqi_mua/InstagramFlawless makeup takes time.

He recommends that brides bring photos of makeup looks that they like and show them to whoever is doing their makeup.

“The truth, is that I spend as much time and effort creating a makeup look as I do on something more creative and editorial,” he said.

arber_bytyqi_mua/InstagramBefore and after from different angles.

Bytyqi works in fashion and editorial as well as doing makeup for people’s life events.

Bytyqi says people often think barely-there makeup looks are simple to create, but even a result that looks natural takes lots of time and effort.

arber_bytyqi_mua/InstagramGlamorous hair goes well with glamorous makeup.

“Make sure to have a bridal trial before the wedding, style your hair and wear your jewellery so you can see how the total look will come together on the day,” he said.

Bytyqi is passionate about helping brides, and all of his clients, feel beautiful.

arber_bytyqi_mua/InstagramMakeup, jewellery, wedding dresses — it’s all used to highlight the person.

With or without makeup, brides always look radiant.

He describes their reactions when they see their makeup as “priceless.”

arber_bytyqi_mua/InstagramMakeup can help bring a bridal look together.

Bytyqi’s hard work pays off when the brides he styles feel great about their look.

“My favourite part about doing makeup is the ability to transform people and how it makes my clients feel at the end,” he said.

arber_bytyqi_mua/InstagramMakeup has the ability to enhance people’s natural features.

According to the New York Post, beauty treatments and makeup for grooms is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the wedding industry.

“You create a connection with the client on a deeper level and you help them find the true meaning of ‘beauty.'”

arber_bytyqi_mua/InstagramThe final look can rival fairy tales.

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