Bribe Them With Beer: Parties Are The Best Form Of Advertising


Advertising doesn’t have to be boring: throwing a party to hype your product can be effective, fun, and cheap.

Over at Forbes, PR guru Robert Wynne makes the case for events as the best form of advertising.

Our favourite example:

When Simmzy’s restaurant of Manhattan Beach, Calif., wanted to highlight its grand opening earlier this year, it didn’t hire an ad agency or fax boring press releases to the local media. Instead, it hosted a beer-tasting party two months in advance, where it handed out scorecards to 120 people to rate 60 domestic and foreign brews. The crowd swigged free ales and lagers while choosing the pub’s new lineup, a nice twist for hooking new customers. Total cost, including staff and snacks: $2,200. Half the brew was donated by local distributors looking to push their product. Simmzy’s has been buzzing ever since.

Photo courtesy of Bernt Rostad.