Politico’s Takedown Of The New York Times Editor ‘Doesn’t Ring True To Me,’ Says Brian Stelter

Last night, Politico published a story called “Turbulence At The New York Times.”

Citing “More than a dozen current and former members of the editorial staff” it said that Times executive editor Jill Abramson is “stubborn and condescending” and “difficult to work with.”

It said: Just a year and a half into her tenure as executive editor, Abramson is already on the verge of losing the support of the newsroom.”

Today, we had Brian Stelter in for an interview about his new book, Top Of The Morning. We took the opportunity to ask him if it’s true that Abramson is losing support in the news room.

He told us: “She’s got my support.”

“A lot of the [Politico story] didn’t ring true me. My sense is that she has the support of the news room. When I read the story I came away thinking, she sounds like she’s the boss. That’s what she is.”

“I have to wonder if would have been written if there was a male editor-in-chief.”



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