Brian Stelter: Willie Geist Will Replace Matt Laurer On The Today Show By January 2015

New York Times reporter Brian Stelter is the authority on morning show television.

He’s just written a book about it called Top Of The Morning.

The deeply sourced book’s central focus is the ratings war between ABC’s Good Morning America, long-term underdog, and NBC’s Today show, the 15-year champion that eventually lost its perch last year.

In the book, Stelter also writes about how NBC pushed Ann Curry from her co-hosting gig onToday, and how Matt Lauer has taken lots of the blame in public.

The ugliness, and Today’s ratings decline, has led many to wonder if Laurer will still be hosting Today after his current contract ends in 2014.

So, when we had Stelter in at Business Insider to discuss the new book, we asked him: who’s going to be hosting the Today show on January 2015.

Watch for his answer:



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