Irish Finance Minister: "I Was Not Heckled," On Conference Call, Traders Were Just Having Fun

brian lenihanBrian Lenihan

Two competing re-tellings of what happened on a recent Citi conference call are at odds over whether or not mocking chimp sounds and other jokes made on the line were directed at Brian Lenihan or not.Now the Irish Minister of Finance has dismissed rumours by saying, I was not heckled.

Is everyone focusing on the wrong issue or what?

All we care about is that chimp and submarine sounds were made on a Citi conference call as soon as participants realised they could be heard by everyone on the call.

Laughing monkey

Here are the details about what happened after the beast awoke, from the Telegraph:Some traders began making what one banker on the call described as “chimp sounds”, while another cried out “dive, dive”. A third man said “short Ireland” before adding “why not short Citi too?”

As the call descended into chaos, with one participant heard to say “this is the worst conference call ever”, Citigroup officials shut down the line.

The Telegraph suggested the noises might be directed at Brian Lenihan, Ireland’s finance minister, who was on the call. The Irish Times says nope!

“There was an element of silly messing by various participants in the call when they realised that they could be heard,” says a spokesman for the National Treasury Management Agency.

However, the spokesman said that no comments were directed to the Minister or about Ireland during the technical glitch. “To suggest otherwise would be completely misleading.”

Clearly, the chimp and submarine impersonations were just for the heck of it. In the same spirit, we will re-create the call for you here.

Click the noise buttons below to experience the call live.

Chimp sounds

Submarine sounds (Sorry, we couldn’t find a person yelling “Dive! Dive! Dive!” so we got you a “All hands man your battlestations.)

Two men giggling

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