Brian Lam Leaves Gizmodo*

Brian Lam, the long-time leader of Gizmodo, is leaving Gawker Media.

He’s been with the site for the past five years and although his output has decreased in recent years, he was still a major part of the team.

As Nick Denton wrote in a memo announcing the news, “It’s hard to imagine Gizmodo without him; but it will always carry his DNA.”

Lam doesn’t have any plans for the immediate future — “I’m moving on to play around in the ocean a bit more and figure out what my next adventure is.” — but he’ll certainly have options. (Additionally, as Felix Salmon wrote, he has an equity stake in Gawker Media.)

And now, a couple parting thoughts from the man’s Twitter feed:

my dream is to be unknown RT “@broughten: @blam I only know you as one of the bay area surfers. What did you quit that’s newsworthy?


UPDATE: Lam tells David Carr, “One of the things is that I want to look into is the powerful intersection between technology, news, and entertainment. And I am curious about Hollywood and how technology is playing a role there. It seems like there is room for more stuff out there.”

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