MAP: How much EU funding countries get per person

The House of Commons Library in December released a fascinating briefing paper looking at the UK’s funding from the EU, in which it looks at what Britain puts in and takes out of Europe in a whole number of ways.

Perhaps the most striking analysis in the paper, visually at least, is a breakdown of funding each EU country receives per person. In this analysis Britain gets the least EU funding out of all the 28 member states, receiving just €107 per person, per year between 2011 and 2015.

This is perhaps unsurprising — Britain is densely populated, meaning there are more people to divide the cash between, and relatively rich, meaning it is less likely to get EU grants.

However, what does look surprising at first glance is the country that takes home the most funding per person: Luxembourg. The country has less than 600,000 residents but each get the equivalent of €2,993 in EU cash per year, according to the briefing paper.

Why? It is because of all the EU institutions in Luxembourg. The European Court of Justice is based there and both the European Commission and European Parliament have a presence there. 84% of Luxembourg’s EU cash goes on EU administration.

Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia all receive high levels of funding per person, with each country getting over €500 per person, per year between 2011 and 2015. However, in gross terms Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia don’t take much out of the budget.

Here is the full map from the House of Commons paper showing EU funding per person across the 28-member bloc:

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