Meet Brewster, The Next Must-Have App For Your iPhone

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Photo: Brewster

Brewster is a new app that will change the way you view your contacts.Managing contacts across multiple accounts and networks has always been annoying, but Brewster’s goal is to make the process prettier and easier.

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Using Brewster¬†helps you visualise the people you contact most and points out those you don’t.

Brewster automatically organizes all of your contacts from your address book, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Gmail making it easier to find your most contacted friends.

Our favourite feature is the ‘Updates’ category. Updates lets you see who’s trending in your life, changing jobs, moving to a new city and more.¬†

Price: Free for iPhone

Here is Brewster. We like the design of the icon. Tap it to open.

Log in with your preferred social network.

We chose Twitter.

Make sure your email and twitter handle are correct.

Obviously we want to add our iPhone contacts to the list.

Adding our Gmail contacts should be helpful too.

These are the type of the accounts you can add.

As the app uploaded our info we decided to take the tour.

Seeing our trending friends seems useful.

Being able to easily access our most contacted friends seems very helpful.

The search function is pretty robust.

Another favourite feature is the lists feature. It organizes our friends by networks.

At this point we started to notice how long it was taking for our account upload.

5 minutes passed...

10 minutes passed...

15 minutes...

20 minutes later we're finally almost done...Brewster tweeted us and said that there was a huge amount of traffic on its servers this morning so this explains why it took our contacts so long to upload.

Finally! The first thing Brewster wants us to do is organise our favourite or most contacted people.

We're in!

If someone's number is in our address book it is easy to call, text, or email them.

Each contact page consolidates all the contact's information from across multiple social networks.

This is the updates section. We haven't used the app long enough for this section to be populated but we love the idea behind it.

Here is the awesome search feature. It allows us to search contacts by any keywords we can think of.

The lists section.

Here is our profile.

You can control a few settings in the 'About' menu.

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