The Milwaukee Brewers Have Had The Best Offseason, According To Vegas

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Less than 24 hours after the Giants completed their World Series win over the Rangers, oddsmaker, made the Yankees an early favourite to win the 2011 World Series at 4/1.But after two months of the Hot Stove league and with all of the top free agents signing with teams that don’t play on River Ave. in The Bronx, Las Vegas has a different view of who will win next year’s World Series.

The Phillies, with the signing of Cliff Lee, are the new favourites at 7/2, followed by the Red Sox at 9/2. The Yankees have fallen to third at 6/1.

Meanwhile, the Brewers, with the acquisitions of pitchers Shaun Marcum and Zack Greinke, jumped from 65/1 longshots to 28/1. (Still longshots, but much closer.)

And yet the Brewers are still only the 14th favourite to win the World Series. The Nationals, with the addition of Jayson Werth, have shown the second-best improvement, going from 80/1 to 65/1. In total, seven teams have seen their odds drop.

The Royals (125/1) and Pirates (150/1) are still considered the worst teams in baseball.

And the team that has had the worst off-season to date? That would be the San Diego Padres, who have gone from 20/1 to 40/1 after trading Adrian Gonzalez to the Red Sox.

Odds To Win 2011 World Series

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