We Don't Know About You, But We Are SO SICK Of This Brett Favre Retirement Crap

Brett Favre

It’s that time of year again.

The time that pretty-much-washed-up quarterback Brett Favre starts rethinking retirement again and makes teams come down to his farm to beg him to play for them

This year, apparently, Brett’s prolonging the suspense by moaning about some sort of injury, but you know how the story is going to turn out:

Eventually, Brett Favre will be persuaded to climb off his tractor and throw a football for a few months–and get paid millions to do it. And from the day he joins the team (Vikings), every press conference will be dominated by the eternal (and bogus) mystery: After the season, will Brett Favre retire again?

And, yes, he will.  Because he, at least, apparently never gets tired of this schtick.

But we are.

And in case masses of Vikings fans are even now storming the team offices in Minnesota to prod the brass into flying down to Mississippi or wherever and begging Brett on his farm, we feel the need to remind them of something.

Yes, Brett Favre didn’t play half badly last year. And he helped the team get to the title game. But then he ended the season on a pathetic interception that would have been embarrassing in a Pee Wee league.

So that’s what you’re setting yourself up for, Vikings fans. That and this annual charade.

Don’t fall for it.  Let Brett stew on his tractor.  Place your eggs in another basket.

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