The hedge funder who was fired for throwing Hamptons blowout is telling his side of the story -- and it is just as scandalous

The “#Sprayathon” Fourth of July event in the Hamptons was a party to remember — but not in the way host Brett Barna might have hoped.

With news outlets (including this one) picking up the story of  “thousands” of guests packing a lavish Sag Harbour estate, an outraged owner claiming he intends to sue after an alleged $1 million in damages, and Barna losing his p
ortfolio manager position at Moore Capital Management, the situation has turned into a bona fide Wall Street scandal. 

 Though Barna stayed pretty mum in the wake of the news (due to shock, he said), he’s now finally given his side of the story to the New York Times. And it stands in stark contrast to what the owner, a man named Omar Amanat, claimed previously.

“We raised money for charity,” Barna told the Times. “Nothing illegal happened, and no one complained.”

Barna, in his interview, accuses Amanat of misleading him when booking his 5-day rental of the mansion through Airbnb for his fundraiser in support of Last Chance Animal Rescue, and then threatening him when he didn’t meet demands for more cash both before and after the fact.

Amanat, who was arrested by the FBI on unrelated fraud charges on July 13th, declined to comment to the Times. 

According to Barna, Amanat originally asked that the transaction be paid for in cash. Instead, Barna used Airbnb because he didn’t have the $27,000 on hand.

When he came to the property on July 2, he found out that another group of renters were already staying there. The party went on, however, kept to the exterior of the house, he says. 

Then, Barna claims, he received demands for additional money. Barna refused to pay and disputed the Airbnb credit card transaction due to the double-booking with the other tenants.

Though Page Six said the Amanat  — who was anonymous in the original report —  intended to sue Barna for breaking into the house, trashing furniture, and destroying artwork, Barna claims not a single guest even entered the home, and showed the Times images of before and after the party proving no damage was done to the house.

Barna also says he hasn’t been served a lawsuit yet, and still has not received any kind of formal complaint of alleged damages.

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