BREMMER: North Korea Is A Regime That Could Implode

Earlier we published a Q&A with Eurasia Group’s Ian Bremmer about the big geopolitical discussions taking place at Davos.

The big two are China-Japan tensions and optimism about Iran, thanks to the presence of President Rouhani.

At the end of our interview I asked Bremmer what the big sleeper story is that nobody is talking about. He said it was North Korea.

Here’s his comment on it:

No one is talking about North Korea. There’s no North Korean delegation here as you know. They don’t play much basketball in Switzerland, that’s part of the problem. The guy executed his uncle. The Chinese themselves are very worried. Nobody is talking about it. This is regime that could implode. And when it does, we’re going to have a very serious problem on our hands in the East China Sea.

We’re going to have a very serious problem on our hands in East Asia. It’s not as if I have a crystal ball on this issue, but there’s no question that if you watch Kim Jong Un and you look at the way that he has portrayed himself and his regime to his people in a totalitarian state, he has not given any confidence to believe that he knows how to run a totalitarian state for a period of time. I think that should concern us.

Check out the full Q&A here >

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