Newest Exposé: Young Man Gets Attorney General Eric Holder’s Voting Ballot

James O’Keefe’s “Project Veritas” has released their latest sting-video.

In the video, a young bearded white man asks for and is offered the ballot of Attorney General Eric Holder, who has said that voter fraud is not a serious problem. He is offered this ballot just by offering a name and address, with no need for photo identification. also promises that more videos like this are coming soon.  

O’Keefe’s record is mixed at best. The way he has edited his sting videos has been widely criticised. And we await further information about how the video was made. 

You may remember O’Keefe as the young man who dressed as a pimp in ACORN sting videos, which went viral and led to the dissolution of that group, even after it was reported that the original ACORN member whom O’Keefe punked had informed the police. 

He also got some executives at NPR fired for saying derogatory things about the Tea Party on camera. 

But he and his cohorts were arrested when they snuck into Senator Mary Landrieu’s office and tried to tamper with her phones. He also once failed to humiliate a CNN correspondent