This Porn Star Rode A 'Boob Bus' Around New York City Today To Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

save our boobs bus, bree olsonBree Olson and her Boob Bus

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Rob Loud

Porn star Bree Olson spent her day using her breasts to protect other women’s.Olson, who is the ex-girlfriend of Hollywood playboy Charlie Sheen, rode around New York City today on the “Save Our Boobs” bus which gave out free breast exams to women and promoted breast cancer awareness, according to Fox News.

The exams were administered by certified plastic surgeons—not the porn stars.

The bus, which was sponsored by the adult entertainment website Porn Hub, stopped at Grand Central Terminal, Times Square, and Central Park.

Olson, who called herself the “cheerleader” of the event, told Fox News’ Alex Crees:Pornhub came to me with this idea to do breast cancer awareness. They figured, you know, breasts are a large part of our industry, and the two would kind of coincide.”

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