Breaking: New Japanese Earthquake Forces Workers to Evacuate Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Well, this isn’t good at all. CNN reported seconds ago that “Workers evacuate[d] Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant after 7.4-magnitude quake, Tokyo Electric Power Company says.”

Left unattended, the damaged nuclear power plant could conceivably resume spewing highly radioactive run-off water into the ocean.

Also, it is unclear at this point if the new earthquake has caused further damage to the nuclear plant’s building enclosure.

2012 is rushing at us.

What’s weird is that just an hour ago, the Bank of Japan announced it would be offering up to US $12 billion (1 trillion yen) in loans to the nation’s earthquake-damaged region… Looks like that number will have to be bumped up now, depending on how much damage there is from this morning’s quake.