GoDaddy Ditches Danica Patrick In New 'Conservative' Ad

godaddy danica patrick

While people have been buzzing about GoDaddy’s recent announcement that it has hired an ad agency (Deutsch NY) to create a more conservative and technologically-oriented campaign, there has been little about race car driver and GoDaddy spokeswoman Danica Patrick’s future with the company.

“Our Go Daddy Girl is not in our new Olympics campaign,” Barb Rechterman, CMO of GoDaddy, told Business Insider. “Danica and Go Daddy have worked very well together, no doubt … but we are going to make our initial shift without Danica.”

Although Patrick’s contract with GoDaddy goes through next year and she will continue to drive GoDaddy’s racing car, her spot is not secure.

“We want see how the new ads perform before we make any casting decisions on future Go Daddy commercials,” Rechterman continued.

After reading the GoDaddy girl’s interview in this morning’s USA Today’, titled “Danica Patrick goes conservative,” one must wonder if Patrick got the memo: “I’m kind of excited to see what they come up with, and creativity is all about thinking new,” she told USA Today.

Patrick also told AOL’s Sporting News that there was “absolutely” a place for her in the new campaign.

The ad, called “Inside/Out” aims to move away from GoDaddy’s click-to-our-site-to-see-more-skin commercials that actually explain what the company does.

But don’t worry, the GoDaddy girls won’t be wearing mu mus.

“People will get their GoDaddy girl fix,” Val DiFebo, CEO of GoDaddy’s new agency Deutsch NY, told Business Insider.

The ad is being cast now and is set to shoot next week. While DiFebo wouldn’t comment about Patrick’s future, “I will tell you that beautiful attractive women are connected with the brand equity and they will be in the ad.”

“We found a really effective balance in the equity that they’ve established with the GoDaddy girls and balanced that to where they’re headed from a tech standpoint,” DiFebo said.

But will this new tactic work?

“They might want those other commercials back,” Patrick told Sporting News. “They might be like, ‘Oh, what was I complaining about.'”

GoDaddy still reserves the right to bring Danica back. The site told BI that it has already began talking to CBS about securing a Super Bowl spot, which makes sense since the site told us it broke its own sales record this year on Super Bowl Sunday.

Who’s making it, and who’s in it, is still up for grabs.

“Yes, we are working with [Deutsch NY] for the first set of spot, and then when we’re done with the first set of spots we’ll talk about the future,” Rechterman said.

No pressure, or anything.

“I think that if GoDaddy had their site set on having Super Bowl then our sites are set,” DiFebo said.

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