Jamie Dimon's New Waffle Shop Opens To Mixed Reviews

Someone at JP Morgan must be excited about the new waffle station the cafeteria debuted on Monday.

“There was a sign advertising the waffles on the door to the cafeteria on Monday,” one JPMer tells us.

Were JPMers gathering around the new waffle station? Were they excited?

“Heads were turned.”

Two days after its debut, there was no line at the waffle bar this morning, but clearly JPM is anticipating a crowd of at least two.

And a sizable portion of the cafeteria is dedicated to the new make-your-own-waffle station, which includes the two waffle irons and this assortment of fixings below.

So far no one is brave enough to make a waffle at the new bar.

Our insider has “no interest” and “assumes they taste awful.”

(We think he was just scared of the inevitable overflow of waffle batter onto the pristine, unused waffle table.)

But we welcome reviews from anyone willing to taste test the “REAL” waffles.

Send them to: [email protected]

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