BREAKING: Bloggers Like Writing About Buildings, Bridges

What do bloggers blog about, when they’re not blogging about each other? Brooklyn-based “placeblog” contends that web writers are fascinated by big public works projects.

Outside.In’s list of “Bloggiest Places” in the U.S., compiled by surveying posts made over the past two months, is dominated by construction projects which are either planned or underway. Not surprisingly, given New York’s high blog-per-capita ratio, two local projects show up on the top 10: Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards, and the Hudson Yards project on the West Side.

The site, launched last year, has raised $2.4 million, and just added a new set of features, described here. Meanwhile founder Steven Johnson explains the rationale for the site in a thinky piece: He’s trying to deliver “hyperlocal” news to the handful of people who are interested in, say, pothole repairs on their street. The problem: What happens when you don’t live in a bloggy neighbourhood where people might actually post about potholes?

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