There Will Be A Spanish Version Of 'Breaking Bad'

Diego trujilloRichard Izarra / YouTube screencapDiego Trujillo will play the Spanish version of Walter White. Meet Walter Blanco.

There will be a version of “Breaking Bad” in Spanish.

We don’t mean a version where Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s voices are lip-dubbed.

Sony Pictures Television is planning a Columbian series called “Metastasis” based off of everyone’s favourite chemistry-teacher-turned-drug lord, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Complete with a name change, each of the series’ big characters will also be transformed.

Walter White: Walter Blanco (white in Spanish)
Skyler White (Walt’s wife): Cielo (sky in Spanish) Blanco

Jesse Pinkman (Walt’s partner-in-crime): Jose

Hank Schrader (Walt’s DEA brother-in-law): Henry Navarro

The following image was posted to Reddit with the actors in each big role.

Diego Trujillo will star as the lead (Walter Blanco) while Roberto Urbina will play his sidekick Jesse.

Instead of an RV, Walt and Jose will cook their blue meth in a school bus.

THR reports despite the changes “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan and his crew have been consulted on “Metastasis.”

The series will air in major Spanish-speaking markets in Latin America and Univision’s UniMas in the United States.

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