SPOILERS: 'Breaking Bad' Makes An Epic Return With 'Blood Money' Premier Episode

We just finished watching the second-half premiere of “Breaking Bad” season five, episode 9 “Blood Money,” and boy, did it not disappoint.

(The episode airs tonight in Australia at 6.30pm and 10.30pm AEST on Foxtel’s Showcase.)

First a warning: There are major spoilers beyond this point. Here’s another Breaking Bad story to click on if you don’t want to continue.


Just as last season started with a flash-forward to Walt on the run, “Blood Money” begins with a scene showing the White home in ruins and Walt sporting a full head of hair and a beard. Right off the bat, we know something is going to go terribly wrong for Walt this season.

After the flashforward, the Bryan Cranston directed episode jumps to the final shocking moment from last season: Hank finding the Walt Whitman book from Gale and coming to the realisation that Walt is the infamous meth cook, “Heisenberg.”

Hank has a panic attack while driving home (understandably so) and goes to the hospital. Then we see him at his best in a montage where he gathers all of the Heisenberg evidence from the last several seasons and begins connecting the dots.

Cut to Jesse smoking at home with his former dealers. Badger makes an amazing pitch for an episode of “Star Trek” that was both hilarious and actually sounds like a fantastic idea. Viewers on Twitter couldn’t stop raving about it:

In a scene that was way too short for fans who haven’t seen everyone’s favourite crooked lawyer in nearly a year, Jesse pays Saul Goodman a visit and tells him he wants to give away the $US5 million Walt brought him at the end of the last season.

Walt shows up at Jesse’s home with the bags of cash and tells him to keep the money. Jesse lets him know that he believes Walt killed Mike. Walt does his usual thing and lies through his teeth, saying he has no idea where Mike is but that he believes that he is alive.

But the final scene of the episode is where it really ramps up.

Walt gets sick and we see that he’s back on medication. He realises that his Walt Whitman book is missing. Uh oh. Paranoid, he feels underneath his car and finds a GPS tracking device like the one Hank had him put on Gus’s car back in season four. Double uh oh.

Jesse, distraught, drives around throwing wads of cash out of his car window at random houses. Something tells us this is going to come back to Walt in a very bad way.

In the final scene, everything we’ve been curious about since the end of last season comes to a head. Walt confronts Hank about the GPS tracker on his car. Hank closes the garage and after a moment of silence, punches Walt and pins him against the garage door.

“It was you all along! Heisenberg!”

Walt reveals that his cancer is back, so there might not be anyone to prosecute by the time Hank can actually gather evidence. Besides, pursuing this could tear their family apart.

“Tread lightly,” he warns him in the final moment of the episode.

With that, we’re all stuck holding our breath for yet another excruciating week.

What did you think about “Blood Money”? Sound off in the comments below.

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