ITunes Users Are Really Upset They Have To Pay Again For The Rest Of Breaking Bad Season 5

Breaking Bad fans who get their fix from iTunes are irked today.

Their season passes, which let them pay once to download every single show in a season, didn’t work for Breaking Bad’s mid-season premiere last night.

The fifth season went on break in the middle and when it officially returned yesterday evening, iTunes Season passes that worked for earlier episodes no longer work for the new ones. This is troubling because this season was always marketed as one season that was split into two parts.

But the first part was called “Season 5” and the second part is called “The Final Season.” For one reason or another, iTunes considers these two separate seasons.

9to5Mac offers the following perspective: “A reader notes that the season pass for Season 3 of the The Walking Dead included both halves of the season with a long break in between the first and last 8 episodes. An iTunes rep even confirmed that the reader WOULD receive the second half of the season 5 prior to ‘The Final Season’ landing on iTunes, so clearly there is some confusion with how iTunes handles these situations.”

For whatever it’s worth, Apple had only charged $US21.99 for a season pass for Season 5, which is the standard price for eight episodes.

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