Breaking Bad Star: 'Everyone Is Going To Be Very Happy' With The End Of The Show

jesse walt breaking bad

The final eight episodes of “Breaking Bad” begin airing this summer.

To prepare for the end, star Aaron Paul who plays Jesse Pinkman on the hit AMC series spoke with senior editor Rob Licuria of Gold Derby saying the finale met his expectations.

“We all had different hunches of how we thought it was going to end, and it surprised us all, but in a great way,” said Paul. “I think everyone is going to be very happy. There’s definitely going to be people that hate it just for the fact that the show is done.”

Paul added, “It’s so hard to end the show perfectly, but I really … honestly  … being a huge fan of the show as well … I think they did an amazing job.”

During the 20-minute interview, Paul also recalled a few of his favourite episodes of the series including “Peekaboo” where Jesse plays the game with a half-dressed five-year-old boy. Jesse later leaves the youngster, a son of two drug addicts, on his front porch after calling 911. 

jesse peekaboo breaking bad

His favourite scene is from season 4 episode 7 “Problem Dog” where Jesse recounts a story of killing a dog to his Narcotics Anonymous support group. Of course, the audience knows it’s not really a dog that is weighing on the character’s mind.  

In one of the most emotional moments of the season, his character just loses it and breaks down about selling meth before storming out. 

“It took us all day to shoot that scene,” said Paul. “It was just such a brilliant piece of writing and it was just easy to do.”

Here’s the scene:

As for his relationship with co-star Bryan Cranston? Paul says he’s pretty goofy on set. (That’s not difficult to believe if you’ve seen the cast’s gag reels.)

“There was definitely many, many, many tears when we had to say goodbye as our characters.”

For any fan of the series, it’s a good interview to sit through as Paul admits he believes “Breaking Bad” will be his greatest acting achievement.

“I’ve also come to the realisation that this is the greatest thing that I will ever do, and I’m totally OK with that.” 

Paul said he’s currently re-watching the entire series before its return with his wife.

“Breaking Bad” returns to AMC August 11.

Watch the interview below: 

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