These 'Breaking Bad' Disc Containers Are The Coolest Feature In The Complete Series Box Set

“Breaking Bad” is really setting the bar high in terms of creativity for
complete series box sets.

Sony released the complete series Tuesday. Naturally, as huge fans of the AMC show, we pre-ordered the set to have it delivered release day.

It comes with a lot of great extras — a never-before-seen two-hour making of the series, a collector’s coin, and even a Los Pollos Hermanos apron(!) — however, we were really impressed with the unique packaging of the discs.

It’s clear an immense amount of detail went into making this box set feel special for fans.

Forget everything you know about regular DVD cases. Each season is held together by magnets — a clear reference to the series.

Better yet, you may notice a bunch of strange images drawn on each season’s disc set.

What’s up with that?
If you watched series creator Vince Gilligan unbox the series ahead of its release last week, you’ll know you can put the clear plastic discs together to form an image iconic from each season. Gilligan suggested using them as drink coasters.

Pretty cool.

Let’s take a look at them all!

Season 1

What do we have here?

Walter White’s pants.

The first image we saw at the series’ start.

Season 2
We knew what this one would be before we put it together.

The one-eyed pink teddy bear White found in his backyard …

… floating around in his swimming pool.

Season 3

Here’s where the hat comes into play.

A drawing of Walter White as his drug lord alter ego, Heisenberg.

Remember the sketch of him on the notebook paper in Mexico?

Season 4
This should be another easy icon to guess.

Tio Salamanca’s bell …

… which had an explosive series exit.

Season 5 (part 1)
We really weren’t sure what to expect as an image to coincide with the first eight episodes.

But then it all made sense.

The tarantula from the train episode (Season 5, episode 5), which ignited the beginning of the end for Walter White.

Season 5 (part 2)
Until we laid these out, we weren’t sure what that red blob was.

The very important car keys and beeper Walt needed at the series’ end.

This may be our favourite.

Here they are all together:

More box sets should be this creative.

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