Cameraman Tweets Beautiful Behind-The-Scenes Photos From 'Breaking Bad'

It’s not just the fans who miss “Breaking Bad,” but also the crew who worked on the AMC series.

If you’ve been looking for a way to fill the void since the show ended its five-season run, look no further.

Series’ camera-operator Andy Voegeli has been tweeting out tons of behind-the-scenes photos of both the cast and crew while the show filmed.

We’ve selected a few to share here. Check them all out at Voegeli’s Twitter account.


Bryan Cranston decided to dress the part while directing three episodes of the show (“Seven 30-Seven,” “No Más,” and “Blood Money”).

Here’s the full look:

Remember when Walt pushed Skyler against the fridge in season 1? Here’s Cranston and a production assistant going over the scene:

It’s the pink teddy bear from season 2!

Here are Cranston and Paul after Jesse fell into the Porta Potty in season 2.

Early on, Walt hid his money in a vent in his house. Here’s a look a look at the scene with “Breaking Bad” cinematographer Michael Slovis.

Here’s R.J. Mitte at a familiar locale — the kitchen table waiting for breakfast we’re sure.

Here’s a great black-and-white of Paul …

… and another of some of the crew. Slovis is off to the right at the phone booth.

The entire cast got “Breaking Bad” tattoos after the show’s end. Here’s Aaron Paul’s. “No half measures.”

Apparently, there’s even a “Breaking Bad” chihuahua named Bojangles who was on set.

One more shot of Dean Norris (Hank) and Cranston on a bloody crime scene from season 1.

Paul looks trippy in this green light while getting ready for a scene.

Slovis also has some cool behind-the-scenes photos we recommend checking out. Here’s one of Cranston and Giovanni Caranza with a ball made of season 5 film can tapes.

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