The Alternate Ending To 'Breaking Bad' Is A Genius Tie-In To 'Malcolm In The Middle'

Just ahead of the release of the
box set of the complete series of “Breaking Bad,”a clip rumoured to be an alternate ending to the series has surfaced on Youtube.

It shows Walter White demanding he be addressed as “Heisenberg,” then he suddenly wakes up from a nightmare — filled with weird stories of dealing meth, having a shaved head, and killing people.

“Oh, I knew this was going to happen,” his wife chides him. “You grow a beard and all of a sudden you think you’re Osama bin Laden.”

The clip seems to be a joke ending to the show. The actress playing his wife, Jane Kaczmarek, is from Bryan Cranston’s other series — “Malcolm in the Middle.”

Before “Breaking Bad” ended, some thought it would be great if the ending showed White going into witness protection and later ending up on “Malcolm in the Middle.”

As commenter yyZiggurat points out on Reddit, the ending appears to be pretty close to the season finale of Bob Newhart’s sitcom “Newhart,” which ended in 1990.

Andrew Sims, editor-in-chief at Hypable writes:

Hypable is confident this is the official Breaking Bad “alternate ending” coming on the complete box set for one reason: Malcom in the Middle’s Jane Kaczmarek was on the set of the meth drama this past January to shoot a scene for the DVD/Blu-ray box set. No further details had come to light until now.

Now watch the clip:

If you want to see what the actual ending was, you can check it out here.

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