Breakfast TV Host Karl Stefanovic Wore The Same Suit Every Day For A Year - And Nobody Noticed

You look familiar… Karl Stefanovic.

Viewers of Channel 9’s Today show have no hesitation in letting co-host Lisa Wilkinson know if they don’t like what she’s wearing. Clothes is a constant issue for women in the media.

Last year, when she was asked to deliver the prestigious Andrew Olle lecture, Wilkinson made this telling point:

Even in preparing for tonight’s lecture, the most common question I was asked was not “What are you going to say?”, but “What are you going to wear?”

Life is very different for men.

A year ago, Wilkinson’s co-host Karl Stefanovic put on a dark blue suit for work. It wasn’t even an original, but rather a cheap Burberry copy.

And he kept wearing it. For a whole year. Nobody noticed. Nobody said a word about it.

“No one gives a shit,” Stefanovic told Fairfax Media .

“Women are judged much more harshly and keenly for what they do, what they say and what they wear.”

His frustration with the difference between how the sexes are treated led to his little experiment, he explained:

I’m judged on my interviews, my appalling sense of humour – on how I do my job, basically. Whereas women are quite often judged on what they’re wearing or how their hair is.

Apparently only Wilkinson and another member of the team were in on the joke, with Stefanovic joking that “They often remark that it’s getting a bit stinky. I’m hoping to get it into the dry cleaners at the end of the year.”

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