Check Out These Crazy Pastries And Tiny Fruits From My First Breakfast In China

Last Friday afternoon, I got on a plane in New York and flew over the North Pole to Beijing.

I went to bed Saturday night, having been up for 26 hours.

The next morning, I woke up in a tall, gleaming hotel in the middle of Beijing called the Kerry Hotel.

The plan for the day: see the Great Wall of China.

But first, I went downstairs for some breakfast.

This turned out to be my first adventure.

There were omlettes and pastries, sure. But also: lots of foods I had never eaten or even seen before.

The first thing I saw was this colourful display of fruits and juices

There were melons and dragon fruit, of course…

… but also strange looking tiny fruits…

This is how I filled my plate.

I grabbed one of these strange little guys. It looked and felt like a miniature orange

This is what the inside looks like.

And here's what looks like a miniature Apple

It had the texture of a miniature apple, and tasted like one too.

There was a vast array of more food, including these veggies…

…breakfast meats…

…and hashbrowns that look like they are from Arby's..

There was fish.

Rice, of course.

Miso soup.

There were standard cereal toppings…

…but also unusual ones like…


…and kidney beans.

They had yogurts.

There were cold meats out, including the paté on the left…

…and fatty hams.

There was a selection of pastries I'd never seen before, including deep-fried dough sticks…

…fried dough twists…

…and these powdered pastries.

Obviously I had to grab one of those. What would it taste like?

Whoa -- it tasted like sweet rice milk.

This tasted like a sweet biscuit cookie.

OK, how about the fried dough twist?

Chewy. Sweet. Mostly sugar.

This tasted like a doughnut minus the sugar. Very good.

Final pastry.


These pastries looked more western.

I opted for another dough stick instead!

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