Breakfast Reading

IAC Dumps ageing DoubleClick for aQuantive’s Atlas 
Another ad win for Microsoft, another setback for NY’s DoubleClick ClickZ

AOL Cashes In on Site-Based IM, Launches Wimzi for AIM 
 World’s largest IMer goes after sector king MeeboMe.  AOL

Amazon Pumps Cash into User-Driven Music Site AmieStreet
Finally, variable pricing based on music popularity takes hold.  Reuters, AmieStreet

EdgeCast CDN Sells Bandwidth At Cost; Targets Akamai, Limelight, and NY’s Panther Express 
Co. will give the basic product away, focus on services.  Expect further gross margin pressure at the biggies. NewTeeVee

Verizon Wireless Lies: AC/DC Music Sold Online Before.
At Microsoft’s crappy music store, which tried the same futile tactic as Verizon in an attempt to woo iTunes users.  NY Post

Allen Stern Pees On Twitter, Dismisses as Solipsistic, Blog-Killing Ego Tool.

The NYC CEO does use it for marketing his blog posts, though, as do a lot of other folks. CenterNetworks

Woe is the Valley: Tech Millionaires Despair at High Cost of 767s, Butt-Ugly Tear-Downs, and Private Islands.  
New Yorkers sob at plight of west-coast brother who has $3.5 million but “doesn’t feel rich.”  New York Times

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