This is why Russia's new tank is such a badass

Early last month Russia’s new third-generation T-14 Armata tank was revealed to the world during Moscow’s annual Victory Day parade.

According to the Associated Press, military weapons experts from Russia and some from the West claim that Russia’s new main battle tank will surpass all Western tanks.

“The tank is the first to have an internal armoured capsule housing its three-man crew and a remotely controlled turret with an automatic weapons loading system, features that allow for increasing both the level of crew protection and the efficiency of the tank’s weapons. ” the AP reports.

The Armata is also equipped with counter-mine defences and a suite of high-resolution video cameras that offer its three-man crew 360-degree awareness around the body of the vehicle.

Here’s a breakdown of all the hardware that sets the T-14 main battle tank apart:

Russia tank skitch

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