A breakdown of everything in the new 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' trailer

Finn and captain phasma star warsDisney/LucasfilmFinn and Captain Phasma will meet once again.

After about six months of waiting, Disney and Lucasfilm finally released an official trailer for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” It focuses heavily on the Skywalker family, Rey, and the mysterious Snoke.

But we also get a few new glimpses of Finn in disguise at a First Order base, a very troubled Kylo Ren, and our first good sighting of new “Star Wars” villain, Emperor Snoke in his glorious golden robes.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, watch it here first. Then keep reading to see what you may have missed.

The trailer starts off with Kylo Ren / Ben Solo (Adam Driver) looking off into the distance aboard a First Order ship.

Kylo looking out at his troops.

A bunch of First Order Heavy Assault Walkers are shown on new planet Crait.

In the previous teaser we've seen, the Resistance fighters lined up in their ships ready to go to battle.

The red lines on the ground make us believe Kylo is presumably on Crait as well with what might be First Order Flametroopers.

Kylo leads them through the darkness.

There's a Lego set with First Order Flametroopers on Crait so we think that may allude to this.

It looks like Kylo Ren has managed to secure a new helmet after the last film. We hear, presumably Snoke, say, 'When I found you, I saw raw, untamed power. And beyond that something truly special.'

Unless, of course, this is a flashback. We see him pick up his three-pronged lightsaber from the ground.

Is he speaking to Kylo of when he first found him or is he speaking to Rey who we see he comes face to face with later in the trailer? We're apt to think he's speaking to Kylo. That 'something special' may be referring to seeing past Kylo to Rey. In 'The Force Awakens,' Kylo Ren seemed very well aware of who Rey was even though she had little knowledge herself.

The trailer then cuts to Rey where we last saw her on the island of Ahch-To.

Rey wields Luke's blue lightsaber.

Rey is sticking around the island for a while to train.

Here she is on a part of Ahch-To with Luke.

We're back to the end of 'The Force Awakens.' Rey is returning the lightsaber Luke Skywalker lost in 'Empire Strikes Back' to its owner.

Luke has reverted to using his mechanical hand instead of having it replaced with skin.

Luke is probably wondering where Rey could have found his old lightsaber from years ago.

It's gone on a long journey.

This shot reminds us of a young Luke on Dagobah back in 'Episode V.'

Now, it's Rey though.

We get another shot of the books previously teased in the first 'The Last Jedi' teaser. Rey comes upon them.

These are presumably Jedi Order books Luke is holding onto.

Another shot of Rey training with her lightsaber.

Rey's lightsaber game will be much greater in 'The Last Jedi.'

It looks like Luke agrees to train her in the ways of the Force ... at least until he sees her abilities.

He looks immensely concerned.

Luke tells Rey that he's seen power like this once before.

Rey concentrating on the Force.

Luke looks like he's terrified by what he sees in Rey.

He's almost certainly speaking of his nephew, Ben Solo/Kylo Ren.

We then see Luke's hand emerge from a pile of rubble.

This is likely from a giant flashback of years before.

And we see the familiar scene from Rey's vision in 'The Force Awakens.' This time, Luke falls beside R2-D2 as he watches a building burn not far off.

This is presumably a Jedi temple where Luke was training young padawan.

We're sure we'll see more of a flashback that will show Kylo's rise to power in 'The Last Jedi.' You can read more about that here.

Luke says it didn't scare him enough then, but it does now as he walks away from Rey.

Rey looks hopelessly on after Luke.

We return to Kylo and he's in a mood.

After staring at his helmet, a symbol and reminder of his grandfather Darth Vader, he tosses it.

The trailer then gets pretty dark with a voice seemingly tell Kylo to kill something.

Kylo is also rocking something to help his scar heal.

Is Kylo going to be responsible for the death of both of his parents?

Leia has a very somber look.

That's certainly what the trailer makes it look like as Kylo's finger hovers over a trigger.

Kylo's voice is heard saying, 'It's the only way to become what you were meant to be.' It's not clear whether he's speaking with someone or to himself.

The Millennium Falcon is seen under fire from TIE fighters.

Who's on board?

Chewbacca and a Porg are heavily distressed.

The Porg may be a stowaway from Ahch-To.

Move aside, Porgs. We're equally enthralled by these gorgeous cat-like creatures on Crait.

We can't wait to learn more about them.

Poe looks shocked by something he just witnessed.

Did he see Kylo blow up Leia's ship?

We presume BB-8 will be taking to the skies once again with Poe.

He looks like he has a little bit of a malfunction in the trailer.

We get a nice shot of The First Order all lined up, but it doesn't look like it will stay pristine for long.

We have a feeling something's going to go down to cause a lot

This shot looks like it may take place on the same ship and Captain Phasma is back with a new weapon.

INSIDER was told by the 'Star Wars' team at Hasbro to refer to it as a battle staff for now.

She and Finn will meet up for round two when he heads to the First Order on a mission in disguise.

Will Finn make it out all right this time?

A despondent Luke tells someone (Rey?) that things are not going to go the way they think.

Since Luke is on the ground in this shot with his hair wet, we're wondering if it's a flashback with him speaking to Kylo Ren.

We then see a closeup on Leia looking regal, but sad once again.

Is she mourning the loss of Han Solo?

Luke looks slightly terrifying in this darker wardrobe.

Does he even believe in the Force anymore?

Even more terrifying is that we finally get our first good look at the villain, Emperor Snoke.

He's played by Andy Serkis.

And he has Rey held against her own will.

A voiceover has him say, 'Fulfil your destiny.' We presume he wants her to head to the dark side with Kylo.

But that may not be the most shocking part of the trailer. We then hear Rey say she needs someone to show her what her place is in the world.

It's who she's speaking to that's the kicker.

She's apparently speaking with Kylo Ren!

I guess he's OK with the fact that she sliced up his face.

He reaches out his hand. Are they going to team up to take Snoke down?

We'll have to wait until December 15, 2017 when the movie arrives to find out.

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