WATCH: Donald Duck Pays His Taxes In This Throwback Cartoon

Bet you didn’t know Donald Duck peddled propaganda for the IRS! 

In “The New Spirit,” a 1942 cartoon produced by Walt Disney and the U.S. Dept. of Treasury, the beaked one suits up and gets excited to fight for his country–that is, until a booming radio announcer urges him to pay his income taxes promptly. 

Crestfallen, the Duck obliges, but his spirits soon perk up when he envisions all the great things that money will pay for: guns, cars and some pretty nice camo gear. 

The cartoon was produced at a time when the income tax was transitioning from a rich person’s tax to one all citizens had to pay. The government needed someone to get the country jazzed about this sad news, so naturally they tapped Walt Disney to spread the word in his visionary way. 

Since it’s lunch time and tax season is in full swing, we thought you’d enjoy this little bit of levity. Roll camera: 

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