Brazilian Cops Find Two US Tanks During A Stolen Car Raid

Tank In Brazil warehouseguel Schincariol/AFP/Getty ImagesThe hull of an old US-made M-41 tank can be seen amid vehicles and objects seized by the PM paramilitary police during an operation to retrieve stolen objects at a warehouse in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on January 27, 2015.

Police officers in Sao Paulo, Brazil discovered two tanks during a raid aimed at finding stolen cars and cargo, The Scotsman reports.

Sao Paulo police conducted the raid in the low-income district of Sacoma in Brazil’s largest city. The two tanks discovered during the raid were both engineless, but were heavily armoured.

The tanks are believed to be US-made M-41 tanks, according to Getty, although officials involved in the raid did not give an indication of what the tank’s age or make was.

Police Lt. Andrei do Carmo, speaking on Globo TV, said that “it is unusual, to say the least, that police officers searching for stolen goods and cars, instead find two tanks.”

The M-41 was a light tank produced by the United States. The tank was in service from 1953 to the late 1960s in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Police have taken the warehouse caretaker into custody after the discovery of the tanks.

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