Incredible Photos Of The Massive Protests In Brazil Over World Cup Spending

brazil world cup protests masked man fire

Nationwide protests in Brazil reached a high point last night when 100,000 people took to the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

The protests started after a hike in bus fares.

But they have since broadened in scope to include police brutality, political corruption, and massive government spending two major international sporting events.

The country is spending billions in public money to host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics while poverty, education, and poor public services remain huge issues.

Some protesters held signs reading, “DO NOT COME TO THE WORLD CUP,” and a World Cup boycott video that blasts World Cup spending as wasteful and irresponsible is making the rounds online today.

The Brazilian government will spend an estimated $13 million on the World Cup. The protests coincide with the Confederations Cup — an international soccer tournament meant to be a dress rehearsal for next summer’s World Cup.

The demonstration in Rio Monday night

A protester in a Neymar jersey outside a Confederations Cup match (a World Cup test event)

Demonstrators marched outside of the Mineirao Stadium before the Nigeria-Tahiti game yesterday

A protester on the streets of Sao Paulo Monday night

Guy Fawkes masks have become commonplace

Protesters light a fire in Belo Horizonte

The protests from above

Protesters outside of the Maracana stadium before Mexico-Italy on Sunday

Protesters gather outside the National Congress in Brasilia

A person runs away from a burning car

Police stand behind a barricade

Protests have been peaceful on the whole, but one group in Rio stormed the state assembly

Demonstrators gathered around a burning barricade Monday night

A woman getting pepper-sprayed in Rio

A protester in Rio de Janeiro

Another ugly instance of soccer violence

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