Neymar scores huge Olympic goal just 14 seconds into Brazil's semifinal match against Honduras

Brazil’s got off to the best start possible in their Olympic semifinal when they scored just 14 seconds into their match against Honduras.

Honduras took the opening kick and retreated into their own end. After several seemingly benign passes, Neymar pressured the ball at the top of the penalty area and deflected a pass back towards the goal.

This left Neymar one-on-one with the keeper.

Neymar was able to toe the ball forward, where it ricocheted off the keeper, back off of Neymar’s knee, and then over the keeper and into the goal.

Brazil scored so quickly that NBC Sports Network was still showing the team colours on the screen!

This is a huge moment for Brazil who was nearly knocked out of the Olympic tournament in the group stage after playing to a pair of draws against inferior opponents.

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