Bravo Whitney Tilson!

Whitney Tilson

Hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson had a pretty rough 2011.

He famously shorted Netflix on its way up, covered near its high, and then watched the stock plunge not long thereafter.

Then in late October, he announced that he was going Netflix, seemingly catching a falling knife, and and also catching a lot of flack int he process.

Anyway, with the stock going bonkers today, it’s worth pointing out that he’s willy in the black on that position.

The stock closed at around $77 on October 25, and today it’s at $115, for a gain of about 50%. BOOM!

By the way: Another Tilson stock is, which is up about 20% since late December.

Correction: Tilson is short Salesforce, so that bet isn’t working out as well.

It would appear that 2012 is starting out on a great foot for him, and of course that keeps with our theme of 2012 stopping exactly the opposite of 2011.