Bravo Star Dwight Crow Is Now Couch-Surfing While Working For Facebook

Dwight Crow partying
Dwight Crow and friends in a recent photo posted on Facebook.

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Dwight Crow has made quite the impression on Bravo’s “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley,” the reality-TV show that’s drawn boos up and down the heartland of tech.But that doesn’t seem to be hurting him at Facebook, where he’s been working for the past month after putting his startup, Carsabi, for sale.

In the first episode, we see the programmer and co-founder of Carsabi binge drinking, drunkenly solving complicated algorithms, and partying in a makeshift toga that he ripped off of someone’s bed.

For anyone familiar with the early days of Facebook, that seems like par for the course, though the company has gotten more straitlaced over time.

Crow’s behaviour on the show doesn’t seem overdramatized.

In the past, he’s wrestled lizards and contracted a flesh-eating disease in Bolivia, stormed Nepal’s parliament, and acted in a Bollywood film, Jessica Guynn of the Los Angeles Times writes.

In late September, Facebook hired Crow and Christopher Berner, his cofounder in the car-buying startup, and they announced they would sell the website they built. Now, Crow and Berner are working at Facebook in its Menlo Park headquarters.

On the show, we see Crow sleeping on a mattress without a frame in a San Francisco apartment. Thanks to his new job at Facebook as a product manager, he now has a real bed, he told Guynn.

Not that he uses it that much. He recently wrote in a comment on Facebook that he sleeps in his friend’s garage in Palo Alto most of the time. 

But, from the look of his Facebook wall, he still gets out and parties.

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