BRAVO: Another Awesome And Daring Success By The US Navy SEALs

SEALs on rocks

[credit provider=”Marion Doss via Flickr” url=”[email protected]/”]

More great work from US Navy SEALs.According to multiple reports, an elite crew has rescued two hostages — one American and one Danish — held in Somalia. Prior to their capture, they had been working for a Danish relief organisation.

NBC reports:

According to the U.S. officials, two teams of Navy SEALs landed by helicopter near the compound where the two hostages were being held.  As the SEALS approached the compound on foot gunfire broke out, the U.S. officials said, and several of the militants were reportedly killed. There is no word that any of the Americans were wounded.

The SEALs gathered up (the captives), loaded them onto the helicopters and flew them to safety at an undisclosed location. The two hostages were not injured during the rescue operation and are reported to be in relatively good condition.

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