Braves Won't Wear 'Screaming Indian' Cap, Deny They Were Ever Planning To

Atlanta Braves Screaming Savage Logo

Photo: Uni-Watch

The Atlanta Braves will not wear their controversial “Screaming Indian” cap during Spring Training after all. According to Mark Bowman of, the Braves will now wear a cap that will simply feature a red version of the “A” that is found on their standard cap.Bowman says that the Braves had not made a final decision on which cap to wear when the images of the ‘screaming Indian’ first leaked. Bowman refers to the original “Screaming Indian” cap as a “potential version” and notes that it was just “one of five proposed designs.”

However, saying use of the offensive cap was not finalised would seem like a stretch. The “Screaming Indian” cap is seen in the catalogue of New Era, the company that makes the caps. And while many of the teams chose to use secondary or throwback logos on their caps, the Braves are the only team that appear to have abandoned the design in that catalogue.

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