Bratz Ripped Off Mattel, Court Says: $40 Million In Damages

After deciding last month that Bratz designer Carter Bryant effectively stole the concept for his dolls from Barbie, a jury has ruled that Bratz manufacturer MGA Entertainment must pay Mattel $40 million in damages.

LA Times: A federal jury has awarded Mattel Inc. $40 million in damages in a federal copyright lawsuit that pitted the house of Barbie against MGA Entertainment Inc., the maker of the saucy Bratz dolls.

Damages were awarded for contract interference and copyright infringement. No punitive damages were ordered against MGA.

The same jury that decided the damages phase concluded last month that Bratz designer Carter Bryant came up with the Bratz concept while working at Mattel.

In his closing arguments, Mattel attorney John Quinn said MGA owed Mattel at least $1 billion in Bratz profits and interest, while chief executive Isaac Larian aided in the breach of contract and owed nearly $800 million for his complicity.

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