Brangelina's Babies Arrive, Photo Bidding War Begins

Angelina Jolie gave birth to her long-awaited twins on Saturday, which means that the bidding war for what might be the most expensive baby pictures ever has officially begun. While the Daily Mail isn’t the most accurate paper (see its shot-down report of a Friends movie), experts have already estimated that the first picture of Brangelina’s twins could fetch a record $22 million.

The Daily Mail: Angelina Jolie’s newborn twins – a boy called Knox Leon and a girl named Vivienne Marcheline – may be barely a few hours old but already their first photos are worth a fortune…

Their status as the offspring of Hollywood’s highest-profile couple has led to an unidentified American magazine reportedly bidding £5.5million [$10.9 million] for the first official portrait of them.

But experts said the figure could go even higher.

Publicist Max Clifford estimated that the pictures could fetch £10million [$20 million], ‘which would make it the biggest baby deal ever’. The proceeds are to go to charity.

Given how much less these pictures would cost in pounds, maybe People, Us Weekly and OK! should see if they can pay for them in euros; the kids were born in France, after all.

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