The 9 brands millennials think do the most good for the world

Always like a girlYouTubeAlways’ ‘Like a Girl’ campaign aimed to dispel gender stereotypes.

Many companies say they want to do more for the world beyond making money — including work on systemic social, environmental, and economic problems.

The World Value Index, a report from brand consultancy Enso reveals, which companies millennials believe are actually making an impact.

Enso asked 3,000 consumers about the top 150 brands in the US, including Google, Girl Scouts, and the World Wildlife Fund. A portion of these participants were millennials (which Enso defines as those between 18 and 35 years old).

On a scale of 1 to 100, they rated the companies based on the following questions: “How aware are you of the brand’s purpose or mission beyond making money?” “Is the brand’s purpose or mission something that you would openly support and care about?” “And does the brand’s purpose or mission motivate you to buy products or services from them?”

Here are the companies that millennials scored the highest:

9. Fitbit


8. Uber

David Ramos/Stringer/Getty Images

Enso conducted its surveys in February 2017, which means that Uber's high ranking could have changed since then, considering the company's recent scandals.

7. Starbucks


6. Twitter

Krisztian Bocsi/ Bloomberg/ Getty Images.

5. Etsy


4. Always


3. Kickstarter

Hollis Johnson
Inside the Kickstarter office in New York City.

2. Snap


1. Spotify

Jason Davis/Getty Images

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